Friday, July 8, 2011

Convention 2011, Day 2

Day 2 has been phenomenal! The Fitness Concert this morning was amazing. In addition to the Zumba celebs, we had some awesome guest appearances. Pitbull showed up for a pre-concert preview of "Pause" and Wyclef had a beautiful moving appearance as well.

My students will not be surprised to learn that the Bollywood and Bhangra class was my absolute favorite so far. The presenters did such a good job of relating the dances' relation to culture and helping us experience the spirit of the dance.

Next I was transported to Africa for another cultural and spiritual immersion. The joy in the classes today has been overwhelming. There is nothing like having so many people in one place surrender themselves to the moving music and dance of cultures from around the globe.

I'm more grateful than ever to have Zumba in my life!

Tonight is the Pitbull concert--wish you ALL could be there!

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