Monday, July 11, 2011

Zumba Fitness Convention 2011 Wrapup

Convention always seems to fly by impossibly fast. Day 3 kicked off with getting to attend a live class with Beto for the taping of our next Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) choreography video. It was very enjoyable. I loved getting to rehearse the songs multiple times before filming--I think I'll be able to incorporate many of them very quickly once we get the music. Partway through the class, Beto surprised us with a visit from Wyclef! We got to film part of the video for Wyclef's Survivor song. Then he busted out "Hips Don't Lie" for us. As if that wasn't enough, Beto brought one of the Zumba music producers, who is also a very talented singer, out on stage. He asked Wyclef, the producer, Pepper Vaughn, and salsa king Walter to improv for us. Soon there was the most incredible music as Walter and Pepper provided beat box while Wyclef and the producer took turns rapping and singing with riffs on "No Woman No Cry" as hundreds of us freestyle danced to their creation. It was one of those moments that would have made the convention worth it in and of itself. My face ached from smiling so much. After the taping I had the most wonderful session on Salsa and Merengue. I was exhausted but Walter and the phenomenal crew made me give more to that master class than I've ever given as a student.

I was very happy to have the "Shake your Asana" yoga class after that with Rob Glick and Kimberly Spreen-Glick. It was
much needed.

The final day of the convention brought a preview of Zumba Fitness' new program: Sentao. It has a toning focus and uses chairs. Very interesting! My last session was Reggaeton Rebellion. It was great to learn more about Reggaeton's history and get some new flavors. I had never had a class with Loretta Bates before, and really enjoyed her instructing.

I'm flying home listening to all kinds of new songs, dozens of choreo ideas buzzing through my head, anxious to bring some Convention energy to my students...and looking forward to Convention 2012!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Convention 2011, Day 2

Day 2 has been phenomenal! The Fitness Concert this morning was amazing. In addition to the Zumba celebs, we had some awesome guest appearances. Pitbull showed up for a pre-concert preview of "Pause" and Wyclef had a beautiful moving appearance as well.

My students will not be surprised to learn that the Bollywood and Bhangra class was my absolute favorite so far. The presenters did such a good job of relating the dances' relation to culture and helping us experience the spirit of the dance.

Next I was transported to Africa for another cultural and spiritual immersion. The joy in the classes today has been overwhelming. There is nothing like having so many people in one place surrender themselves to the moving music and dance of cultures from around the globe.

I'm more grateful than ever to have Zumba in my life!

Tonight is the Pitbull concert--wish you ALL could be there!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Convention, Day 1

Last night's "Lucky 7" master class was amazing. What a talented group of instructors! Every song gave me ideas and
inspiration for my own classes. It was hard to decide whether to dance or take notes! The hardest thing about the convention is trying to balance just experiencing and wanting to remember every fabulous step.

Today my agenda includes Caribbean Heat, a choreography session with a Zumba Jammer from France, and Hip Hop. Caribbean and Hip Hop were favorites last year, so I'm really looking forward to both. The choreo session will be a great opportunity to learn from someone I normally wouldn't have the chance to. It's going to be a great 1st Official Convention day!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pre-Convention 2011

The Zumba party has already begun! I got in to Orlando yesterday and it is as beautiful as ever. The Peabody hotel is fantastic. The convention doesn't officially start until tomorrow but there are already many Zumba folk here. Within a few minutes of arriving yesterday, I headed down to the pool, and there was Beto!

He was laid back, friendly and approachable. He encouraged us to get pictures before it got too crazy. That was a fun way to start this year's trip! Today I have time to relax, and get to enjoy a big Master Class tonight. I miss my classes already but am looking forward to getting to be a student for the next week!

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