Saturday, August 4, 2012

In the Studio

The New Studio
First Class at the New Studio
Six weeks ago, the seemingly impossible happened. With the help of our generous donors, unfailingly loyal participants, and supportive friends and family, we opened the doors of the Dancing Lotus Fitness Wellness Studio. The Studio has been a dream for so long, it took quite a while for the reality of it to sink in. Yet now it feels like the place that was always meant for the Dancing Lotus Family. Our Opening Weekend June 15-17 was a great success. We saw so many members of the Dancing Lotus crew, as well as community members who had never been to a class before. It was only a matter of day before we started hearing that the studio already felt like home! In the weeks since, we've seen incredible growth in all of our classes. The Community seems to be positively buzzing about the Studio! We've had so many people walk in just to see what all the action is about, had a write up in the local paper, and have had a good number of new individuals join our classes. The Dancing Lotus family has been as welcoming as ever to these new participants, and we hope they feel just as home as the rest of the Family! In addition to many more participants, the classes have a new feel now that we're in a home of our own. Everyone seems even better connected, and a little more free to let loose. Our ZUMBA classes are full of amazing energy, our yoga classes brimming with inspiration, and we've seen new people pick up our hoops!

Erica, Meriah, and Jamie outside the Studio
The Dancing Lotus Instructor Team has grown as well, welcoming Jamie and Erica, who were both licensed to teach ZUMBA Fitness in recent months. Jamie and Erica have been working very hard to become the great instructors that the Dancing Lotus Family deserves! Our classes have had even more energy as the Instructor Team has brought new songs and choreography and a new energy to the studio. Next week, Jamie will be leading her first solo classes as Meriah heads to her third attendance of the annual ZUMBA Instructors Convention. This year will be the first she's not had to cancel ZUMBA classes for, and Erica will be joining her at Convention so that the two can bring back twice as much inspiration for our Dancing Lotus Fitness classes.

We're so blown away by the incredible generosity that was manifested in the effort to open the Studio. We can't express enough gratitude for the outpouring of support, and the belief in this shared vision that made this dream a reality. We hope to continue to make Dancing Lotus Fitness Wellness Studio everything that we know it can be, and create a welcoming, sustainable home for fun & unique wellness in the Community for many years to come. Thank you!