Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zumba Convention, Day 1

I arrived in Orlando yesterday and met up with my fabulous North Dakota gal roomate, Jill! Jill and I met at our B2 Certification in Lake Geneva this Spring. We made it to the Mariott World Center and started running in to amazing Zumba people right away. The theme of the convention this year is: "We are ONE--One World, One Family". There are people I've never met before but "know" from the Zumba online forums screaming my name and running up to hug me. Zumba creates friendships like nothing else. Being here really does feel like a family reunion, with some Zumba celebrities mixed in! We sat just feet away from Gina Grant (you may recognize her from the Zumba videos)--so awesome! We also saw Tanya Beardsley and I spotted Beto Perez heading into the hotel. This morning we made it through the lines of registration and the Zumbawear shop. Our first session was Hip Hop with the off-the-hook George Lu. It was an amazing 2 hours! I feel so lucky to be a part of this worldwide family. The energy here is phenomenal. In just a bit I'll be off to a session on Warm Ups and Cooldowns. I'll try to check in again tomorrow to let you know more about this amazing experience! Zumba Love!

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